Regina Schmeken close gallery

Berlin Art Week 2020


Werkhof L.57 is an exciting creative location in Berlin-Moabit. Katharina Grosse, Karin Sander, Via Lewandowsky, Regina Schmeken, Anri Sala, Paola Yacoub, Jo Schöpfer, and Konstantin Grcic have their studios here, while software developer Ivo Wessel works in the midst of his concept, media and video art collection. ensemble mosaik, a renowned ensemble for contemporary music, rehearses here. The studio building of Katharina Grosse, made of concrete, sets a special accent. The architects Sauerbruch Hutton also have their offices in Werkhof L.57: they added an unusual building with a reflective stainless steel façade with residences and studios to the brick architecture which once housed a military tailor.
For Berlin Art Week 2020, the residents will be hosting their first ever open house. The artists Karin Sander, Via Lewandowsky, Regina Schmeken, Jo Schöpfer, and Konstantin Grcic will open their studios and present together with Katharina Grosse and Anri Sala a joint exhibition in the offices of Sauerbruch Hutton. ensemble mosaik will also participate with a musical intervention. Ivo Wessel will present his collection, while the publisher René Schmitt will present an exhibition by Peter Saul and Michael Mueller. Food and beverages will be available in the courtyard.

September 09 to 13, 2020

Werkhof L.57
Lehrter Str. 57
10557 Berlin