Regina Schmeken close gallery


Art should appear as a social form of enlightenment – for the independence of culture, for a communal and solidarity-based response from the art and cultural landscape to attempts by right-wing groups and parties to exclude people, sow hatred and curtail culture. And for remembering: that Auschwitz would never be again – and that this country would change!

The photo installation “Bloody soil. Scenes of NSU crimes – Version II” is a variant of Schmeken’s large exhibition with the same title. This was on view from 2016 to 2020 in Dresden, Berlin, Munich, Kassel and Nuremberg. Three photographs are shown from each of the crime scenes, taken in 2013 and 2015/16. The triptychs were arranged chronologically for Version II as a tableau almost 10 meters long. At the top left, you can see the first crime scene in Nuremberg, which commemorates the murder of Enver Şimşek.

Curated by Dirk Teschner.

Exhibiting artists:
Stefan Alber, Aram Bartholl, Benedikt Braun, Jessica Buhlmann/Zao, Zuzanna Czebatul, Peter Dobroschke, Moritz Frei, Jana Gunstheimer, Christian Henkel, Verena Issel, Stephanie Kloss, Lukas Liese, Lowtzow/Jutta Pohlmann, Zoë Claire Miller, Jan Muche, Anne Mundo, Rainer Neumeier, Thomas Prochnow, Regina Schmeken, Schroeter und Berger, Raul Walch, Christian Werner, Ina Wudtke + DRUCK GEGEN RECHTS (Edition)

Uferhallen Berlin
September 14 to September 25, 2022

Kulturhaus Häselburg/Mieze Südlich Gera
November 18, 2022 to January 08, 2023