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RASENGLÜCK Museum Penzberg 2020

Rasenglück – The invention of the penalty shootout

Did you know that the penalty shootout was invented as a game decision in Penzberg?
Exactly 50 years ago, the Penzberg referee Karl Wald submitted the so-called “penalty kick application” to the Bavarian Football Association – the rest is sports history. Until then, the toss of a coin decided the outcome of a football match. Starting with the person Karl Wald, the exhibition opens up various aspects of the historical circumstances, psychological factors and current debates about fair decisions in sport. The focus is on the impartial figure of the referee.
Artificial turf, a foosball table and a goal turn the ground floor into a football field. At the same time, the 1st FC Penzberg celebrates its 100th anniversary. A separate exhibition chapter is dedicated to the history and significance of the sports clubs for the mining town of Penzberg.

Greg Colson, Andreas Gursky, Rudi Kargus, Christoph Niemann, Regina Schmeken, Janina Stübler, Günther Uecker
In a second part of the exhibition, works of art complete the universe around football. Christoph Niemann conveys the immense power behind a shot with a wink in the Sunday sketch “World Cup”. Artists like Günther Uecker and Greg Colson also take a humorous look at the popular sport. Whether in photographs, as ceramics, or actually in a solar system, one thing is certain: soccer is at the center. The photographs of Andreas Gursky and Regina Schmeken show unusual shots of stadiums, players and the game.
An artistic football cosmos unfolds over two floors.

May 19 to October 04, 2020

Museum Penzberg — Sammlung Campendonk
Am Museum 1
82377 Penzberg