Regina Schmeken close gallery


The photographer Regina Schmeken presents her movement studies of footballers and dancers in the form of a monumental, larger-than-life frieze in the atmospheric Kaisersaal, the former ballroom of the Landwehrkasino (Armed Forces Casino) where the Museum für Fotografie has been housed since 2004. With this series she investigates the precarious moment poised between stasis and motion that is a feature of Football and Dance likewise.

She focuses on the protagonist and especially on the, often determining, apparent stillness, isolated from the complex sequence of movements – the essence of human action is made perceptible through a reduction to graphically clear signs. On display in another exhibition room are Regina Schmeken’s studies of fencers as choreographic, combative Pas de Deux, which is befitting to the history of the Landwehrkasino as the officers once had a fencing studio there.

May 24 to July 30, 2006

Museum für Fotografie
Jebensstraße 2
10623 Berlin