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THE NEW CENTER 2004 – 2007

The exhibition “Die neue Mitte / The New Center” was first shown in the Haus der Commerzbank at the Brandenburg Gate in 2001. It was part of the program of the Berlin art fair “artforum”.

In 2002, the 41 large-format photographic works were exhibited in the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Since then, they have been on a world tour on the initiative of the Goethe-Institut and made stations in Beijing, Moscow, Washington, London and St. Petersburg. Meanwhile, the exhibit Die neue Mitte / The New Center has been shown in over eighty capitals on five continents.

The last stages of the exhibition in 2006 and 2007 were in Africa and South America, i.a. Accra and Dakkar, Sao Paolo, La Paz and Quito.

Stations of the exhibition – Selection

Australia, Sydney, Goethe-Institut, September 27 – December 15
New Zealand, Wellington, Goethe-Institut, June 1 – July 30
China, Honk Kong, Honk Kong Arts Center, April 13 – May 12
Indonesia, Jakarta, Goethe-Institut, February 25 – March 14
France, Bordeaux, Goethe-Institut, November
France, Strasbourg, TV station arte, October
France, Strasbourg, seat of the Council of Europe, July
Italy, Naples, Goethe-Institut, March 19 – April 8
Italy, Roma, Goethe-Institut, January 27 – February 27
Romania, Bucharest, Art Academy (Galeria-Galeria), April
Hungary, Budapest, Ernst Muzeum, Dorottya Galéria, May 18 – June 10
Greece, Athens, Goethe-Institut, April 19 – May 28
Greece, Thessaloniki, Goethe-Institut, January 14 – February 13
Serbia, Belgrade, ARTGET, Belgrade City Gallery, November / December
Serbia, Kragujevac, National Museum, June 30 – July 26
Macedonia, Skopje, Museum of Contemporary Art, August
Macedonia, Prilep, ART Gallery, September

Australia, Sydney, until February
Albania, Tirana, January / February
Israel, Jerusalem, March / April
Argentina, Córdoba, May
Uruquay, Montevideo, June
Argentina, San Juan, August
Argentina, Buenos Aires, September
Asuncion, Paraquay, November
USA, Chicago, late 2005
USA, Los Angeles, late 2005
USA, San Francisco, late 2005
Canada, Montréal, late 2005
Lebanon, Beirut, September and October
Syria, Damascus, November
Tunisia, Tunis, December